Ice cream shops in Mason, OH.

Discover Delicious Ice Cream Parlors Close to Wellington Place in Mason, OH

Ice cream stands as a universally adored treat, cherished by cultures around the world for its creamy goodness. For those living in our Wellington Place apartments and townhomes in Mason, joy can be found just around the corner with an array of ice cream shops waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re into the charm of classic flavors or in search of something new and inventive, these spots near Wellington Place have got you covered.

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Since 1870, Graeter’s Ice Cream has been mastering the art of ice cream making. For those residing in our Mason-based apartments and townhomes, a flavorful journey is just over a mile away. This family-owned gem prides itself on handcrafting ice cream in French Pots, two and a half gallons at a time, delivering an array of flavors from Birthday Cake and Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan to Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Mango Sorbet. Not to mention, their menu features sundaes, smoothies, and a plethora of toppings. Explore their offerings and place an order on the Graeter’s Ice Cream website.

Tucker’s Whippy Dip

Since 1999, the family-operated Tucker’s Whippy Dip has been serving up delicious soft-serve. Famous for their ‘Animal Cones,’ they offer classic and flavor-of-the-week options alongside Wow Cow – a healthier soft-serve alternative. From Banana Boats to Gourmet Sundaes, there’s something for every ice cream lover. Stay updated on their offerings via Tucker’s Whippy Dip Facebook page.

The Cone

Claiming the title of Cincinnati’s Best Soft Serve, The Cone, situated 8.7 miles away in its iconic building, promises not just flavor but fun. Their allergy-friendly options ensure there’s something for everyone. Dive into their menu of sundaes, malts, floats, and the famed Wizzards. Check their website for the full menu and seasonal hours.


For quick and delightful custard treats, Culver’s stands out with its freshly made custard. Choose from traditional to bold daily flavors, or indulge in a sundae, Concrete Mixer, shake, malt, or float. Discover more on the Culver’s website.

United Dairy Farmers

For convenience without sacrificing quality, United Dairy Farmers serves up incredible homemade ice cream right at the corner store. Savor flavors like Black Raspberry Chip and Caramel Latte, among others. Visit their website for all flavor details and locations near our Mason apartments and townhomes.

Finding sweet satisfaction is easy at Wellington Place. Visit us to explore our stunning and spacious living options.

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